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About Play 2 Raise and Child's Play Charity

Play 2 Raise is a group of friends dedicated to playing video games to raise money for Child's Play Charity: a non-profit that donates toys, books, and games to children recovering in hospitals worldwide. Play 2 Raise was founded in 2011 and was originally known as "Halo Marathon" before expanding to other game marathons and coining the name, “Play 2 Raise" in 2013.

While playing video games is the focus of the event, we try to make the stream as interactive as possible for our viewers. A live chatroom displayed on a second screen in the living room ensures that our players see everything viewers have to say. Another feature of the chat room allows viewers to "react" to events on stream simply by typing a command such as "lol" or "boo." Depending on the number of people who react at around the same time, a sound clip associated with that reaction will play in our living room. A bot that moderates the chat room will also play small games allowing viewers to collect a virtual currency, “coins” that they can spend by making the players do silly tasks.

The Play 2 Raise Team

Josh Stelting

Play 2 Raiser: 7 years
Roles: Founder, Event Organizer, Programmer, Participant.

Josh founded Play 2 Raise in 2011. He recently graduated university and is currently working as a Software Developer. He was deeply troubled when we told him 'charity game marathoner' is not a valid career path. Josh looks after most of the technical things at the marathon, so if anything goes wrong... blame him.

Laura Lavallee

Play 2 Raiser: 4 years
Roles: Participant, Cook, Crafter.

Laura is reasonably terrible at video games and would probably be better if she didn't flail instead of just hitting buttons like a normal person. She likes wearing onesies and has an unreasonably large collection of tea.

Tyler a.k.a. PrettyBoyToy93

Play 2 Raiser: 3 years
Roles: Participant, Hotness, Prize Manager
Height: 6'1"
Likes: Coffee, long walks, late night pizza, and Luigi
Loves: Morph suits, moonshine, video games about farms, making people cringe
Turn-ons: 200% damage counter-KO with Roy on Corneria
Turn-offs: Going outside, World 8-1 of Super Mario Bros., whoever’s holding the WiiU tablet, Mario Kart

Message me anytime, pic for pic ;)

Tahani Hallam

Play 2 Raiser: 3 years
Roles: Participant, Artist

Ask your doctor about Tahani today!

Warning: Tahani may cause anxiety, headaches, laziness, delusions of grandeur, the sudden urge to call every dog a "cute lil pupper", the appearance of cat hair on all of your earthly possessions, incurable Dad Jokeitus, an insatiable need to meme, and death.

Misha Whittingham

Play 2 Raiser: 3 years
Roles: Participant

Our resident paleontologist still hasn't played Mario outside of P2R, and insists he have never enjoyed a nintendo game unironically. Misha has been likened to a ferret on multiple occasions. Make of that what you will, but being in essence a furry slinky with legs has its upsides.

Kyle Turner

Play 2 Raiser: 3 years
Roles: Participant

'Kyle is okay, I guess.'

- Ben Affleck

Cynthia Chao

Play 2 Raiser: 3 years
Roles: Participant, Social Media

Cynthia resembles a small dog in almost all aspects of her personality, including enthusiasm, excitability, tiring herself out after too much enthusiasm and excitability, and making loud squeaky noises. She enjoys vigorous button smashing, pizza, and leaving half-finished beverages in mysterious places.

Joshua Furrer

Play 2 Raiser: 2 years
Roles: Participant

Josh hails from the depths of the Rocky Mountains. He subsequently has the dankest goggle tan of play2raise and is the resident expert on how to run chair lifts. He also enjoys long walks in the wilds of British Columbia, where he was found as a child. His favourite Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy.

Scott Carter

Play 2 Raiser: 1 year
Roles: Participant

"Scott has been described as both roguishly handsome and a gigantic liar."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Child's Play Charity?
Since 2003, Child's Play has been a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games. They help over 100 hospitals worldwide with the millions of dollars the community has raised.

Who are you guys?
We are a group of friends based out of Victoria, B.C. While we aren't exactly speedrunners, we love to play video games and help out in any way we can. With over $9,000 (It's over 9000!!!) raised for children recovering in hospitals to date, we are blown away by the continued love and support our viewers show us.

Are you affiliated with Child's Play Charity?
No. However, all donations go directly to Child's Play Charity. We simply track the donations to try to unlock more goals and so we can give away awesome prizes!

Are you affiliated with Nintendo?
No. We are just a group of friends that love their games and want to do something for a good cause.

I can't donate, but I want to help.
AWESOME! There are so many ways you can help out without having to donate. Spreading the word on any kind of social platform really helps us out. You can also join the chat room and encourage and motivate us. Sometimes things get a bit slow and the chat room can really help us keep the energy up!

I want to do a charity marathon!
In our first marathon, we used nothing but a usb capture device and a Macbook for webcam and microphone. For beginners, I highly recommend this awesome guide to getting started with game marathons.